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iPhone 4 price range philippines

June 28th, 2010 | 55 Comments | Posted in PinoyDeal, Technology

iPhone 4 hits the Philippines I’ve been seeing several people using iPhone 4 in the philippines lately and ive been asking them about the price range, one of my office mate got it for 34,000 pesos in Taiwan and some local are already selling them for 35,000 pesos.

Take note that the iPhone 4 is using mircro sim globe is already offering it.

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55 Responses to “iPhone 4 price range philippines”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Hi! Can you tell me who’s selling the iphone 4 here? where?

  2. PinoyDeal Says:

    you can check out one at’s blog, or search in tipidcp.. im actually looking for more sources where and how to get one.

  3. Jun Says:

    I highly doubt that this report is true. Iphone 4 is not yet available in Taiwan, and even if it was released there at this time, it would make some good news across many media networks and forums. Could you post some proofs to back up your claim? Thanks.

  4. PinoyDeal Says:

    will pictures of me holding the iPhone 4 suffice? if thats enough i would gladly take those photos when i get a hold of my friend

  5. Jun Says:

    Please do share. I’d like to have one too. An iphone 4 carrying the Globe insignia beside the signal bar would be perfect. Also, please include some info on whether it needed jailbreaking.

  6. PinoyDeal Says:

    ok ill have it as soon as possible, a logo of globe will appear at the top like “Globe 3G”, you dont have to jailbreak it coz what we did was buy a sim card of globe and cut it out so it would fit on the micro sim slot.

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  7. Jun Says:

    Just an FYI, by jailbreaking, I meant unlocking the iphone from its carrier network exclusivity. Cutting sim cards and making them work here in the Philippines has been demonstrated in ipads. And thats hardly any news at all. Even Globe now offers the microsim for its ipad data plans.

    Iphones come locked or unlocked depending on its country of origin. As far as I know, Taiwanese iphones are locked to their local carriers. Hence, my skepticism of your post,

  8. PinoyDeal Says:

    No need to jailbreak as ive said it worked on Globe simcard, have you tried going to globe and ask about the micro sim? coz we did , we asked if they could convert the old sim to micro sim but they said no so another option was if we could buy the micro sim this what they said “its not yet availble” sucks right

  9. Jun Says:

    I wouldnt expect globe to be able to transfer your existing number to a microsim simply because the iphone 4 is not yet available here. But we digress.  

    As I was saying, an unlocked iphone 4 from Taiwan, especially when purchased at that price, would make some incredible news.

    And by incredible I mean unbelievable and requiring at least some supporting images.

    Peace. Have to sleep.

  10. PinoyDeal Says:

    oks will have the pictures so we dont have to argue on this, if youve been searching for iphone 4 in the philippines yugatech is selling several for 35,000 but some pricks are selling it at a very high price at around 53-54k on tipidcp

  11. PinoyDeal Says:
  12. Jun Says:

    Yes sir, just saw the pics. I am very convinced. You lucky bastard :) Do you or your friend have any units to sell?

  13. PinoyDeal Says:

    you’ll be the first one i will inform if they have some more coz i myself want one T_T

  14. Erick Says:

    I know there are iPhone 4 units in the Philippines as I have some friends who already got theirs from the UK store. I am interested to see units being sold for 34-35K. Can you point me to the post in yugatech which sells/sold them? Thanks.

  15. PinoyDeal Says:
  16. Jeff Says:

    Sorry but yugatech’s post is already 3 years old. This is not the iphone 4.

  17. Erick Says:

    So that’s why it’s so dirt cheap. hahaha Thanks anyways.

  18. bill Says:

    hey guys cmon!!its kinda cheap on PH but.. just buy on U.S its only cheap i think in u.s its only 299$ (thats what i read) when u convert into our money sooo 299$ x 47 pesos = 14,053 pesos..but when u buy here in PH its 35k hell.. too much right??? hmmmmm sooo if i were u just tell to ur FAMILY /RELATIVES in U.S to buy u one!! ahahhaa!!!

  19. PinoyDeal Says:

    yeah my relatives in US are also saying that its around 31k for the 32gig iPhone 4 with tax.. problem is the 2 week waiting period and shipment

  20. maveye Says:

    @Bill: Bro that’s the postpaid rate. If you buy a prepaid unit, it costs USD599. :-0

  21. elle Says:

    hi.  any news now as where to purchase an iphone 4 and how much? im willing to pay the $599 for a prepaid..does it mean that ATT can sell a prepaid unit?

  22. mia Says:

    i bought my iphone4 yesterday and it works fine with a globe sim, just cut it myself.. haha

  23. PinoyDeal Says:

    hi Mia i envy you so much where did you get your iPhone and how much hope you could share so i can get one..

  24. jane Says:

    hi i want to buy an iphone and bring it in spain before i leave can u tell where can i buy an openline…

  25. feeler Says:

    does iphone 4 only works with globe? can i not buy a smart or sun and cut it..
    Mia: where’d you buy yours?

  26. roy bernard Says:

    im selling iphone4 16gb at 39k and the 32gb at 45K

    Why order from me?

    All units are bought in the US sealed by the manufacturer
    You can verify the receipt that it was bought in US apple store il show it to you upon delivery
    To make sure its not from somewhere else like china, you can match the serial number in the receipt against the box of the unit its match.

    The reality..

    As of this time Iphone4 is still limited, they sell limited units per store in the US, with timelines of their selling period.. thats why the que is really long it will take at least 2 hours just to buy one unit,if you buy without the AT&T contract they will ask for ID or passport because its only limited 2 per buyer.

    What I can do..

    My goal is to get at least 6 units in a week, and it usually arrives on that same week here in the Phil if ever i was lucky to get the 6 units sometimes 4 or less.. since i dont accept reservation its usually first come first serve basis and COD only..

    Beware of Outrageous claims

    There are selling price in the net that is actually lower than the selling price of apple, be careful because the cost of a 32gb is $699  with taxes at 9.75% in California is around $770 already, but how do you put a price tag if you have to wait and stand in line for hours just to buy it? plus the cost of shipping it.

    If you are Interested

    Here is my contact 0905-204-25-85 / 0932-263-99-56  no inquiry after 8:30PM pls.. email [email protected]

    The Bottom line

    Until the dust is not settling yet for the iphone4, its going to be an uphill challenge just to buy one, its not a question of money anymore but of patience..

  27. PinoyDeal Says:

    i dont recommend you to buy from him its over priced as of now check my new post for iPhone 4 updates it will be a lot cheaper i wait a few more weeks!

  28. roy bernard Says:

    pinoy deal let me think aloud 35K for 32gb in Singapore, thats a good deal, if you have a friend or relative who is going there or lives there, and be back after 3 to 4 days and most likely you have to give them the money first before they can actually see the item ( put a price tag on the anticipation, anxiety or worry ), and what is the guarantee that they will not line up for it? and i doubt if its never without sales tax, will they set limit per purchase? how about the shipping cost ( paki padala? how many people has an access to this set up?) If you think that my offer is pricey, i couldnt blame you, but the iphone4 price will seek its own level as the difficulty of getting it decreases, once it floods the market that price will surely drop, your operating word is wait, waiting never fails, what you dont understand is people want it because its not for everyone its still on its aspirational status, the bottom line my price is the fair amount to make offering iphone4 at the present time worthwhile, if you think its overprice i agree with you to just wait… maybe another version willl come up in the not so distant future…just wait.

  29. tpcavid Says:

    im very thankful  i read this blog. tama ka pre “patient is a virtue” antay lang tayo. wag masyado mainip. darating din sa palad natin yan. (anak ng pating, ang hirap talaga mangati ako kating kati na!)

  30. PinoyDeal Says:

    haha your right ang hirap maghintay i actually ask my friend to order in singapore ill post my bill how much ill get the 32gig… excited narin aq 😀

  31. Enrico Says:

    I’m planning to get one here in US, but I’m not sure how can I use it there in the Phils.
    Do you know someone who can crack it and use in Prepaid lines there?
    Apple Store Rep told me that I cannot use it outside US, though I can get it for $760 (including tax).

  32. David Tan Says:

    Hey I am an importer of cellphones here in the Philippines,
    I’m selling iPhone 4, but only has limited stocks as i wasn’t allowed to buy so many since the price would still go up and i think apple would rather sell its product on their own store.
    I am only selling original and new iPhone 4g, already been unlocked so you can used it with any sim card.
    Apple iPhone 4G 16GB = 34k
    Apple iPhone 4G 32GB = 39k
    If you want to ask questions please email me at [email protected]
    I will reply to you ASAP.
    David Tan

  33. David Tan Says:

    Ps. price is negotiable, but please wag naman maxado tawad para win win tayo parehas. thanks

  34. PinoyDeal Says:

    i have to say isa ka sa pinaka murang importer hehe

  35. PinoyDeal Says:
  36. tin Says:

    just asking where can i buy an iphone 4? thanks…

  37. Michy Says:

    How do I cut my globe sim? does iphone 4 from Canada work here pinas? kailangan ko pa ba ipaunlock? thanks much

  38. kat Says:

    I’m planning to buy iphone4 in the states kasi worth 10k lang sya ($199)
    then ipapa open line ko sya sa globe. I’m asking if yun lang ba yun or may iba pang babayaran or something? Thanks.

  39. Keied Says:

    If i am not mistaken, the phone in US you are pertaining to is only $299 if and only if you take their contract.. of course you need to have valid documents before they will approve you application in signing up with them..
    I am currently based here in Singapore and i am very willing to sell, brand new in box, sealed, openline iPhone 4 for 35k. I will just check how much will it cost me to ship it there in the phils. if anyone of you is interested in buying, please let me know. No bogus please..

  40. Tricia Says:

    Will an Iphone 4 bought in Singapore work here in the Philippines?Can you just put in a micro sim for it to work?Thanks.

  41. PinoyDeal Says:

    hi there i just got my iPhone 4 from Singapore its already factory unlocked, i just cut my sim to fit the micro sim slot and it works perfectly.

    Ps. my iphone 4 cost only 31k converted in peso :)

  42. elle Says:

    hi…can i ask you pinoy deal to buy for me an iphone 4 too in Singapore?

  43. Tricia Says:

    Thanks Pinoy Deal. Is is 16gb or 32gb?Was the phone shipped to you by your friend? Thru Fedex? What courier?If yes, how much is the shipping fee?

  44. cherry williamson Says:

    yap 199 lng here in USA but ..u have two sign up for at&t’s 2 years contract!!!
    when u buy it here it is 699-899 usd depends on the it’s gb capacity..

  45. PinoyDeal Says:

    Hi Tricia its a 16gig one i had it shipped from my friends house in SG though i purchased it in apple store sg online. Then luckily one of his friends is going to the Philippines

    BTW im using a smart sim actually i cut a smart bro sim then put it in my iphone it worked like a charm now i can use internet as long as there is a smart signal

  46. Colin Flagg Says:

    Hi all,

    I like to buy the iphone 4 32gb, but im postpaid with smart gold, is this possible or will i have to change to globe? anyone have any advice?


  47. david Says:

    Brand New Apple Iphone4 32GB Factory Unlocked

    Sealed. With one year Apple Warranty

    Price: 43,000.

    meet up, metro manila area. Preferred area for meet up is at Trinoma mall.
    Text me your location maybe we can work things out.

    My item is on hand na. I have 3 units here and 3 units arriving tomorrow.

    I can cut your simcard na din.

    email me at [email protected]
    or text me at 09228885765


  48. R-K Says:

    @pinoy deal: sir,kamusta naman ang pag gamit mo ng iphone 4 mo? wala nama ba mga factory defects o what so ever? kasi minsan may mga complaints na they’re having some prob dito and there… and btw, qwerty lng ang buttons nya no? thank you po…
    i don’t know where to buy..if US Belgium  Singapore o Pinas na lng sa pag uwi..atat na kasi ako.hehehe … nandito pa ako sa ocean for the mean time…

  49. PinoyDeal Says:

    hi there i had no problems with my iphone 4 not even the signal problem, yeah qwerty keyboard,.. you can buy it in US though my plan na involve i got mine sa Singapore apple for only 31k 16gig(converted to peso) i heard na mas mura daw sa HK.

  50. david Says:
  51. rose anne Says:

    selling brandnew iphone 4g 16gb
    fresh from US
    we accept orders til last week of november,,
    dadating kc yung mga orders dec 15,2010
    txt me guys if interested kau..

  52. lyn Says:

    @David ;your not sure of your keep on changing it from time to time..shame on you!!!

  53. alecjan Says:

    what…why is iphone 4g is so high cost here in the philippines but the manufacturing of apple is in china only it is our backdoor and 32 gig iphone is 299$ ,ang 16gig iphone 4g is cost about $199 dollars only ang 8gig iphone 3gs is $99 in the philippine it cost abou 35,000++ im confused of the price of iphones @w@

  54. jaycee Says:

    diba ang price ng iphone na 32 gb ehh 299 lang……at saka pag bagong bili ba ang iphone 4 ehh ndi pede ang kahit anung sim card panu ang gagawin dun

  55. jeli ann Says:

    why not required the smart sim card in the iphone4

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